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n the DX we know how important it is to find a perfectly tailored to the profiles of a coat or appropiate jacket length.

That's why we created a special offer "MADE-TO-MEASURE", which will allow you to purchase not only the highest quality products, but also allows you to customize them to suit your own individual needs.

How does it work?

  • to make the order "made-to-measure" must complete a form, which can be found here. 


  • the completed form must be sent to us electronically, via
  • in the event that the change you want to make in the product is a custom change and there is no speech about it on the order form, please contact us and we will immediately let you know whether it is possible to make such alterations.

Contact details

First name: Surname:
Address, street: Building No: Doors No :
Town: Postal Code:
E-mail: Customer No: (If you have account on our site)

Information about the product

Model: Product code:
Size: Color:

Select what changes you want to make:

Overall length
make longer
long: cm
Adjust to bodydimensions:
Bust cm
Wiast cm
Hips cm
Other modifications

After contact and discussion with the seller!

Quick online payments

Quick online payments

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30 days returns policy

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Secure transactions